Margin – 3 Ways to Transition to Home from a Home-Office

Most people hate the idea of a commute. I admit, being stuck in rush hour traffic is frustrating. However, when you travel to an office or a location outside your home to work, you create “MARGIN” in your life.

Margin is the cushion lets you be your best possible self. When you create a boundary between work and home you can process what you’ve done at work and start to focus on your family who’s anxiously awaiting your arrival at home.

When you work from home and you exit your office door at 5:00 p.m., you are thrown directly into the excitement and drama that can be your family. Without margin in your life, you gone from calling on clients to calling your kids out of the tree. From closing million dollar deals to closing pantry doors. From planning marketing events to planning dinners that may or may not be appreciated.

So how do we create margin when working from home? Here are 3 quick tips.

  1. Go through the motions – Shut down what you’re working on, leave the office, go outside, and come back in. The physical action of stopping one thing and starting another can help your mind transition and your energy level increase.
  2. Work with your spouse and kids – Let them know that your plan is to give them 100%, but explain in order to do so you need 5-10 minutes. My wife, Chelsea, has done a great job of encouraging (requiring) me to break after work and before I’m present with her and the girls.
  3. Exercise – The most powerful way I’ve found is to get in a workout right after work and before being home. Even if it’s just 2 miles when I finish work, those 20 minutes (I’m slow) give me an outlet and let me recharge my battery. Do some push-ups or burpees. Go for a walk. It won’t take long, and the benefits will make you a better spouse, parent, or friend.

I’ve worked from home for the last 3+ years, and we are still adjusting to some of the challenges. I’ll address some of the other challenges in subsequent posts, but in the meantime, understand that creating margin leads to stability and gives you the ability to give the people that mean the most to you what they deserve.

What are some of the ways you’ve been able to create margin in your life?